Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: 3 must haves.

This weeks Blog Azeroth Shared Topic is all about the 3 things you will not be able to leave behind, with MoP getting ready to come out.  This was a hard topic for me (it also happens to be my first), because there is a lot that I will really have a hard time letting go of.

1.  Bat wings!

My main is a rogue, and I worked my hairy worgen ass off to get those legendary daggers.  Will they be relevant in MoP?  No.  I know they won’t.  Will they be in my bag at all times?  Absolutely!  The bat wings you get from the on-use effect are just so freaking cool, I cannot let go of them.  That said, the very first time I used them, I looked like a big fat idiot.  I got the daggers, flew up in the air, hopped off my mount, and popped the wings.  I soared down like a champ…for a while.  Apparently 15 seconds is a lot shorter than I thought.  The wings disappeared and of course, I tumbled to my death.  A great way to start life with my new ‘preciouses’.  A bunch of my guildies were there watching too, so they all got a good chuckle.  Oh well, I’m still the bat man, dammit!  A watchful protector, a vigilant guardian.  A dark knight.  No expansion can take that from me.

2.  My ability to solve practical problems.

Look buddy, I’m an engineer.  That means I make things…useful things.  Need a rocket fuel powered automaton, capable of repairing any and all property you may posses while simultaneously offering an assortment of the most useful goods on the market?  Look no further, friend.  Need a vehicle with 8 goblin engineered pistons, an elementium-plated exhaust pipe, and a titanium frame, complete with a sidecar to escort your lady friend to next week’s soirée?  I’m the man for that job.  Did you need to send an urgent message?  I’ve got that covered too.  And of course, when the question is how to prevent an enemy from tearing you a structurally superfluous new behind, I’ve got gun, gun, and more gun.  The point is, I love being an engineer.  Sure, I could drop the profession for something that might be more traditional, but no way.  Engineering is coming with me to Pandaria!  Chop chop, Jeeves.

3.  My power animal.

When things are going bad in a raid, or my dps feels low, or I’m just not feeling like a true Gilnean hero, I know it’s time to harness the power of my inner tiger.  One quick ride on ol’ Razorshanks and I feel right as rain.  I know its not practical, and I think I’m the only person in all of WoW who still thinks its fantastic fun, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with my Darkmoon “Tiger”.  You stole my heart dear kitty, and you keep it nestled in your rusty spring.

So that’s it guys, that’s what I’m taking with me to Pandaria.  The rest of it can stay with Deathwings rotting heart, sitting in Stormwind…which actually raises a good question; how long are they gonna let that thing sit there?  I mean, don’t children live in Stormwind?  Thats a pretty gruesome trophy to chain up.  It has to stink something awful by now, too.   I say just throw it in the harbor, no one will even notice.

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